GM International Kuwait is proud to present Operational Security Solutions and Shuey Custom Guns as its new professional partners in Kuwait.

Under the parent company of GM International Kuwait, Operational Security Solutions, “OSS” and Shuey Custom Guns can provide the following and others services tailored to your exact requirements upon request.

  Advanced OSS weapons security training for new officers and long-term security professionals.
  OSS weapons and personal security training for individuals, families or corporate personnel. Concerns: security procedures at home, while traveling, on the street or at the office.
  Professional firearms training for the beginner to the advanced competitive shooter from world-class competitive shooters and former law enforcement-intelligence professionals.
  Certification of security personnel in the use and deployment of firearms. Certification insures that professionals are current in the use of firearms and certified in the latest combat tactical solutions. OSS certification assures employers that security professionals have been thoroughly tested and can perform with excellence when security confrontations manifest themselves during the course of a duty day.
  OSS training and certification in the proper use and implementation of tasers, stun guns and other devices used to have a subject submit without major trauma to the body. This falls under the training category of “less than lethal force” technologies.
  OSS Infra-red technology training and its implementation for today’s advanced security professional.
  OSS Passive millimeter-wave imaging technology training and implementation for the security professional. This system detects threats without x-rays or gender ID. Will work well in the Middle East and requires no touching of persons tested. Can be used for real time video, stand off or walk through areas, such as airports.
  New technologies such as 3-D Holographic Body Scanners are also available that can detect non-metal weapons concealed beneath clothing without touching the subject. This system produces an actual 3-D picture of the subject and allows the operator to discover any guns, knives or other items carried on the person. This system does an entire 360-degree scan and displays it on a computer screen.
  World-Class competitive shooting matches offered for the first time in the Middle East. These matches would be produced and supervised by OSS & Shuey Custom with world-class competitors coming to Kuwait from all over the world.
  Classes for beginning, intermediate and advanced competitive shooters. OSS and Shuey Custom intend to train competitive shooters from Kuwait in order to produce new champion shooters from this area. This has never been done before. We believe it is time for Kuwait to enter the world of international competitive shooting. It is the hope and vision of OSS and Shuey Custom to bring this sport to Kuwait and later to the entire Middle East.
  GM International will construct and provide facilities for a world class competitive shooting range designed by world famous master gunsmith, competitive shooter and former champion Mr. Gene Shuey. It is the vision of GM International and Mr. Gene Shuey to make Kuwait the new center of all Middle Eastern competitive shooting. In the first stage of construction, competition pistol shooting will be addressed, in the second stage of construction, three-gun competitive shooting will be addressed and in the final stage of construction, long range rifle competition will be addressed. GM International will begin range construction in mid summer of 2007 with initial classes becoming available mid July to early August.
  OSS and Shuey Custom will provide world-class professional shooters flown in to Kuwait to instruct and provide demonstrations to students, professionals and dignitaries.
  OSS and Shuey Custom can provide custom made handguns for professional shooters and discriminating buyers. These are the top of the line Shuey Custom Guns used by world-class competitors and security professionals at the highest-level organizations.
  OSS and Shuey Custom can provide Semi-Custom hand guns for security, police or military professionals.
  OSS can provide advanced equipment for the security professional and others such as personal bodyguards.
  Training in the proper use and deployment of personal equipment used when working as a security professional
  OSS and Shuey Custom partners can provide professional driving courses for security professionals and bodyguards upon request.
  OSS can provide on call martial arts training for the security professionals and military upon request. Martial arts training is also available for executives and families upon request for private training sessions.
  OSS can set up and provide full time martial arts training classes for security professionals, police, military and civilians upon request. OSS has many contacts within the martial arts community who would be willing to set up and run professional schools in Kuwait.
  Medical training for the security professional: OSS has a doctor on staff that is willing and able to provide different levels of medical training for the security professional.
  Business intelligence and security consulting to protect your company, its’ assets and your personnel. Use and understanding of background checks, biometrics systems and their implementation. Understanding the need for biometrics and central computer server networks to identify potential threat personnel.
  GM International can provide short or long term highly trained and certified security professionals for all your company’s needs to include site protection, office security, personal protection and many other special areas of security upon request.
  GM International can provide highly informative classes on how improvised explosive devices “IED’s” are used and deployed against friendly forces such as police, military and security personnel.
  GM International can provide highly informative classes on counter improvised explosive devices “IED’s” techniques to allow for the protection of police, military and security personnel.
  GM International can provide informational seminars on many subjects to include nuclear threats and how to protect against them, chemical threats and biological threats and how to protect against them.
  GM International can provide the expertise to train your personnel, community or city on the latest procedures in protection against nuclear, biological and chemical threats.
  GM International can provide professional consultants to help set up your home, office, company or community with equipment, shelters and medical supplies to protect against nuclear, biological and chemical threats.
  GM International can provide consultants and training to help set up and establish emergency response teams, incident commanders and command and control operations centers to protect your company or community from nuclear, chemical or biological threats.
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